What Ebytel Office?

Ebytel Office is a telephone system and fax-based “cloud”. It combines a hosted phone system with advanced features. It includes fax and mobile optional feature. With Ebytel Office, you can easily connect your office employees under one phone system and that no matter where they are. Unlike expensive conventional telephone systems, Ebytel Office is purchased, activated, installed and managed online. In fact, we manage everything for you!

By eliminating the need for heavy equipment, complex, the endless installation and technical expertise, you get quality features and flexibility to stay in touch with your customers. And that by paying a fixed monthly fee, no contract, pay Ebytel Office communicating your business easy, affordable and accessible from the office, from home, on the move and wherever you are.

I am interested in your services, how can I subscribe to your services?

  • 1. Once you demonstrate your interest in our services
  • 2. An appointment is automatically taken as soon as possible with a representative in order to know your telephony needs Affairs
  • 3. We note your phone number to check their portability
  • 4. If your numbers are transferable, we will ask you your last old phone bill signed 45 days.
  • 5. Once the invoice signed received we start the transfer procedure
  • 6. Your number will be transferred within 5 to 10 working days
  • 7. Within 48 hours of your request for service, a parallel telephone system will be installed in your company to start benefiting from our services before the final transfer.
  • 8. You could call forwarding on temporary number that we will give
  • 9.Then You will be notified when the transfer is effective.

What international rates?

We will communicate the rates only on request

Can I keep the phone number that was provided to me by Ebytel, even if I move to another city, state or country?

Yes, your number is permanent, as long as you remain a customer Ebytel.

Can I buy your services if I do not live in Canada or the United States?

Yes, anyone in the world can buy our services. Virtual numbers (IDs) will be issued to anyone living anywhere in the world.

How Do I dial a local or international number?

You do not have to dial “1” for North America. When you make an outgoing call you simply have to dial the number of the corresponding area code + number or international code + area code + number. However if it is an international call, dial the “011”.

How Do I pay my account with Ebytel?

We accept several payment methods

  • 1. Payment by Interac transfer
  • 2. Payment by check
  • 3. Payment by PayPal
  • 4. Payment by money order only for the first payment

Do you store on-site or I can buy your services?

No, Ebytel is an online store. All orders are processed online. However, for additional information please send us an email at the following address: contact@ebytel.ca. We will be happy to answer your email.

How Can I contact customer service?

You can contact customer service directly through instant messaging, email or by phone.

What are the benefits of Ebytel Office?

Set your phone system to meet your specific needs of Use

Connect your employees Ebytel Bureau, your local, remote, and while traveling.
Quickly add new users without geographical
Change the reply rules of calls and line redirection according to your needs and that at any time and wherever you are!
Integrate your Ebytel Office system with your existing phones or mobile devices.

Never miss a call or fax

Always be connected to your phone system at your office or outside.
Your customers can join or attach your employees anytime and anywhere
Receive your faxes and audio messages at anytime and anywhere.

Advantageous prices and rates all-inclusive

Reduce your monthly costs

  • Your calls are unlimited. Do you worry over the bill at the end of the month …
  • You use Ebytel Bureau and we manage the rest
    No complex equipment, servers or PBX install and maintain your home or at your office.
  • Offer a professional image for your business
    A picture worth a company like “a Multinational”
  • A single business phone system for voice and fax.
  • Technical support and 24/7 customer

What is a telephone system based on the "cloud"?

“Based on the cloud” means that the Ebytel basic technological infrastructure is installed on one of our many data centers and is accessible via the Internet for your business. This saves you from investing in hardware, saving you time and frustration generated by the maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure and IT. We propose to focus on doing what you are best.

How Long Ebytel Bureau does it take to activate?

Your account and your phone number are activated on the day after your order and your or your telephone (s) will arrive in 2 to 3 business days
(depending on the shipping method).

How is being installed from a business phone system Ebytel Office?

When you activate an account Ebytel Office, it is functional immediately. You can immediately make and receive calls. Your reply rules of calls and virtual extensions. When your IP phones will arrive within 2-3 business days you just plug them. If necessary a technician will be sent. Then you can start making calls with your IP phone.

Ebytel technical experts are available online to help you configure your system and guide you in using the system.

Do I need special equipment or a particular router for it to work?

No telephone, PBX equipment. Ebytel work with any stable high-speed connection and requires a minimum of 64 kbps of bandwidth per call.
You need a router that will ensure that your internet connection is available for your phones / devices.

For the best voice quality, we recommend a router that is enabled QoS (Quality of Service). By configuring your router QoS to prioritize voice traffic instead of web traffic, you will experience better voice quality when your internet is used for other activities (eg downloading large files, watch videos online, etc.) You can also do a speed test under the “test your bandwidth” section.

What are the minimum required system configurations?

Since your phone system based on the “cloud” is available online, the only equipment you need in your office are the IP phones and the router
with an internet connection.

You need the following specifications:

Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, Windows 10
Or compatible Pentium or higher processor
Memory 512MB minimum
200MB of free space on the hard drive

How Can I log in to my account?

Using your dedicated username and password, you can log in voip.sipebytel.com/ucp enter your login information and password on the home

How Do I reset my password?

Call support or send a mail for any changes.

What Features are included with Office Ebytel?

Ebytel Office provides many business features and a rich range of services for your office phone system. You will receive everything you need with this complete system: reliable fax and phone service with unlimited calls and faxes (USA, Canada), multiple extensions, auto-receptionist with a dial by name directory, voicemail with delivery of mail, call forwarding and more.

I Just want to use some features. Can I buy them separately?

Our philosophy is to offer an “all inclusive” solution for business owners. We know that buying a phone system can be a complex and costly procedure. We include all the advanced features for a low monthly cost. Also, many of our customers appreciate the fact that they do not have to choose among multiple features. With Ebytel, you receive the phone system and fax of the most comprehensive business with all the features available.

How Many minutes are included in my plan?

Ebytel Office comes with unlimited calling your main number and fax number. Unlimited calls include communications in the United States,
Canada. For more information, please visit contact us.

How Do I check my messages and my fax messages?

Ebytel office receives voice messages and faxes 24/7 and offers several ways to access them.

In your account online

All messages are stored in your online account. Log into your account and recent messages will be displayed in the “Voicemail” section. Click the “listen” next to the message you want to view or “Open” for fax messages.

You can also view your messages or faxes in your email.

He has a limit on the duration of the ad voicemail?

The greeting is limited to a period of 15 minutes.

What Softphone?

The optional Softphone is a free, interactive desktop tool that allows real-time control of your incoming calls and gives you full access to your
phone system. It is installed on your smartphone and uses your 3G connection to make calls.

How Can I answer calls with the Softphone?

Accept incoming calls. When you have an incoming call, the phone number and the caller ID will appear on the softphone, allowing you to
answer the call, ignore the call, send to voicemail, redirect the call to another number. You can also send the caller to voicemail.

How Can I send fax messages via the Internet?

To send a fax messages, log into your account, press the Fax button in the menu. Designate a recipient (phone number or choose a number in
your contacts), select a cover page, attach the file to fax and press Send Fax.

Can I use smartphone apps with my service?

Yes you can. All customers can use Ebytel Office apps smartphones option. The apps allow access to your business phone system Ebytel including voice mail. It also allows you to use your Ebytel number as the caller number displayed when you make business calls with your smartphone to access the full directory of your company and much more.

What do you offer devices with Ebytel Office?

You have the option to purchase professional IP phones for your business phone system.

How long should I wait before my phones are delivered?

Your IP phones will arrive after 2-3 days from your order date, and that depending on the shipping method selected. After processing the order, supply and after packaging, we ship the parcel by Purolator. Of course, your devices arrive already configured. Then, you simply plug into your router / internet. Finally, begin to make and receive calls.

Can I use my existing analog phones with Ebytel Office?

Yes you can. If you want to use your existing analog phones, all you need is a Linksys SPA-2101 ATA or SPA 112. Connect the ATA to your router and connect your analog phone to the ATA. This will enable the ATA to convert Ebytel digital phone line to a similar line to work with your phones.

Can I use my existing IP phones Ebytel Office?

Yes you can. Ebytel Office can be used with the majority of IP phones that are SIP compliant. They must be unlocked by your original supplier
and will require manual configuration.

Important: Please note that our support team can assist you or configure your IP phones purchased from another vendor. Charges will apply for this service.

Can I buy phones without purchasing additional services?

We do not currently sell equipment separately. If you need to replace an existing phone, you can do this without any additional charge by
contacting customer service.

Can I use a cordless phone?

Yes you can. If you want to use a cordless phone, you just need the Linksys SPA-2102 ATA or ATA SPA 112. Connect the ATA to your router and connect your cordless phone to the ATA. This allows the ATA to convert Ebytel digital phone line to a similar line to work with your wireless phone.

What is an ATA?

ATA is an acronym for Telephone adapters. ATA is generally a small box with a power outlet. It allows you to connect your like traditional phones
to the Internet and make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Can I use my existing phone number with Ebytel?

Yes you can. You can transfer your toll-free number or local number Ebytel current.

Complete your purchase Ebytel Office choosing temporary numbers

You will receive a confirmation email for transfers.

The transfer process can take approximately 5-10 days and it depending on the speed of your current provider to release your phone numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot speed up the transfer process.

Pending the transfer, we also recommend configuring your Ebytel Office by programming the redirect your existing numbers to your system temporary numbers Ebytel This ensures that there will be no downtime during the transfer.

-Do I "own" my number? Can I keep my toll-free or local number if I decide to cancel my service?

The number that you receive when you register your toll-free or local number. If you paid for a minimum months of service and your account is active and no unpaid, you can keep your numbers. There is no fee to transfer your numbers. Your account must remain active and no outstanding during the number transfer process.

How do I select numbers Toll?

After completing the purchase of Ebytel Office, you can add additional numbers, including numbers Toll, by contacting customer service. Toll free number is CDN $ 4.99 per month, with fees of 0.02 cents per minute, and a single fee of CDN $ 14.99. Toll Free Numbers take 2-3 days to be ready and you will receive an email when they are activated.

How Costs Ebytel Office?

Ebytel Office offers a simple all-inclusive price with advantageous monthly fee.

The plans include the business phone system based on the “cloud”, a fax and telephone with unlimited calls and faxes and it from anywhere in the United States, Canada.

There a free trial of Office Ebytel?

Ebytel Office comes with a back guarantee of 30 days. So there is no risk in buying it and try for your business. Phones can be returned for a full
refund within 30 days of the date of purchase (must be in good condition, complete with all original accessories). You can also send us an email to sales@ebytel.ca for a free test account.

There is a setup fee?

Yes, Fees vary depending on the plan you choose.

What is the cost of equipment?

We offer business IP phones and devices at very competitive prices. Prices range from $ 99 CDN and CDN $ 350 depending on the model you select. For more information on the IP phones.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are based on the number of devices and we offer two delivery options.

1-3 devices:
Normal: CDN 39 $ 95
24 hours: 84 CDN, $ 95
4-7 devices:
Normal: CDN 47 $ 95
24 hours: 97 CDN, $ 95
8-10 devices:
Normal: CDN $ 53.95
24 hours: CDN $ 108.95

The Department there is a commitment or contract?

No commitment is required. You can pay in as (month by month) and cancel anytime. Any products purchased must be returned in good
condition for a refund within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Why does it there's a E911 fee?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Council of Canadian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) require internet phone service providers interconnected public telephone networks to provide E911 service as standard and offer their residential part